Operating hours

Thursday 5pm - Sunday 11pm / Weekday:Close

  • Happy Hour: Weekday noon to 7pm


Body type:
 Bear, Muscle, Bull, Jock   ※ Not included Chubby & Belly

 Slimmed Body, Twink → Please enter BodyBreath! ※our neighbor shop

Age limit : 18 to 40s
 Only Muscul Bear who are 30 years old and older will be accepted.

Short hair or buzz cut with wearing (Jog strap, Fundoshi, Low-rize boxer)
*rental service(Free of chaege) : Fundoshi ,Jog Strap

Position of locker key
Top : right wrist / Bottom : left wrist / Versatile : ankle
(The position of locker key will be an appeal of your position to others.)


About the restrictions for admission and Style

All the judgment for admission is done by shop staffs.

The first impression of customers will be very important in the facility like our shop.
Therefore we will have some restrictions and rules for admission including legal matters.

  • Persons who are not suitable for our shop concept.
    (You might not enter if you are Slimmed Body , Twink )→ Please enter BodyBreath! ※our neighbor shop
  • Age limit:18 to 40s
  • Persons who are not short hair or buzz cut.
  • Persons who are not suitable for our place.
  • Persons who are drunk and unable to have a proper conversation.
  • Persons who are sick and have a severe cough.
  • Persons who are not able to show your ID.
  • Persons who obviously bother other customers.
  • Persons who have a abnormal behavior, a persistent act and a naked exposure after entering the shop will be forcefully removed out and will be denied to enter the shop in the future.


【 Japanese-styled crusing space 】 Our facility does not equip with a sauna.

shower, toilet (with anal-cleaner), smoking lounge, cruising space, burglar camera, cabin.
Locker (including a big suitcase-size(40cm x 85cm x 51cm) lockers) * if your baggage is not stored in a locker, it will be kept at the reception.
Internet PC (multi-languages available), Wi-Fi, Mobile phone charge (iPhone, Micro-USB)

Amenity and Equipment

Towel, condom (L size also available), gel, lotions, hair-wax, mouthwash etc.

BEARS CAMP × BodyBreath! Mixed-Shared Area

This Mix-Area shared with our neighbor shop [BodyBreath]] has 6 cabins, sofas, All sleeping together in a huddle Room.
You can enter freely from the door next to the toilet area.
When returning, you put your locker key over the box on the right side to unlock the door.
You can also purchase with 200Yen for the access key to our neighbor shop [BodyBreath]]

How to spend inside a shop

  • Please wear all the time inside a shop.
  • Please unlock the door when you sleep in a cabin.
  • Bringing illegal drugs or similar products are stricltly prohibited. Also after the usage of them, you will be prohibited to enter a shop.
  • Please do not carry around a towel inside a shop.

How to rest in a cabin 【A couple use always priority】

If a couple unable to get a cabin because of single person’s occupancy, please do not hesitate to ask a staff.
(We might ask you to give over a cabin for a couple use if you use a cabin as a single occupancy.)


  • It is prohibited to use, buy and sell, mediate or invite to purchase any illegal drugs.
    Local police often have questioning in the purpose of exposing illegal drugs nearby the shop.
    We strongly notice that the possession of poppers or Rush is illegal in Japan.
  • When these any illegal act is found or the usage is doubted, we might ask the person to leave the place immediately while we call the police.
  • Please use your cellular phone at the locker area or the counter chair area
  • When you take a nap, you can keep your locker key to the reception
  • If you lost your locker key, we will charge you actual expenses.
  • Please refrain from chewing gum inside the shop.
  • If you bother other customers inside the shop, you must leave the shop and will be not allowed to enter the shop in the future.
  • Only men whose registered gender is male can enter the shop.
  • Exposure is prohibited.
  • Do not bring food or mobile phones to the cruising area.
  • Please eat and drink in the lounge area.
  • We are not responsible for lost or stolen inside the store.


Admission fee

When purchasing Discounted fee please show ID.

General ¥1500  
Discounted fee ¥1300 Gym members
Students ¥1000 under 30 only
Under 22
years old
Under 20
years old

- Discount for Taxi Passenger: please show your taxi receipt issued within one hour.
- Gym member discount :World Gym、True Fitness、Anytime、Clark Hatch... Other Asian clubs

Weekday Discounted fee(Sunday10pm~Friday7pm)

General ¥1000  
Students ¥700 under 30 only
U22 ¥700  
U20 ¥500  

- Except National holidays : All day
The day before national holidays : after 7pm


With outing coupon (100 JPY), you can re-enter this place.

- The Re-entry Coupon will be expired in 12 hours since it is issued
- You can stay here for 1 day, 24 hours. In 12 hours of them you can go out.
- It is possible to keep you belongings except for valuables

BB Access : ¥200 Free Entry Now

You can access to BodyBreath! from the inside of BEARS CAMP with leaving your belongings in your locker at the BEARS CAMP.

There are some restrictions for the admission and Style for BodyBreath!
(The Concept of BodyBreath! : Access from BEARS CAMP version)
10’s 20’s : Twink~ GMPD / 30’s 40’s : GM~ Well-built P Body


Tourist Passport 【 Multiple-entry available 】

Tourist ¥3500 ¥5500 ¥7000

※Please show your ID (Phone's screen).

20'sStudents・U22・U20 Passport

20's ¥2500 ¥4000 ¥5000
Students・U22 ¥2000 ¥3000 ¥3500
U20 ¥1500 ¥2000 ¥2500


  • Monday

    Small BEAR

    【 Small BEAR 】
    Special Price
    Under 165cm:1000Yen
    Under 160cm:500Yen

  • Tuesday

    BEAR Trainee

    BEAR Trainee


  • Wednesday

    Bubble butt

    Bubble butt

    【 Dress code
    Jog strap、Fundoshi 、kuroneko

    Rental (Free of chaege)

  • Thursday



    【 Dress Code MASK 】

    Rental (Free of chaege)

  • Friday

  • Saturday


    Big Dick Day
    Over 15cm:Discount 500Yen
    Over 18cm:Discount 1000Yen

    Measurements Hour

  • Sunday

    Mania Camp
  • Coming soon...



最新の店内状況(人数)・ゲリラ割引は Twitter でつぶやいてます!


We are located at Shinjuku 2 chome area which is the biggest gay town in Japan!

Shinjuku 2 chome - a short walk away.  Building on the first floor "Book-off"
From the entrance of the building to the basement level 1 by the staircase ...


» Google Map / Map-App


■From 2 chome (3min-walk)

  1. Pass over Yasukuni-Dori and Turn to the right
  2. We are located at the basement(B1) of the building of BOOK OFF

■By Subway (5min-walk)

Tokyo metro marunouchi-line:Shinjuku-Gyoen station (Exit 1 or 2)
Toei-Shinjuku line:Shinjuku 3 chome station(Exit C7)

■By JR - Shinjuku Station (15min-walk)

  1. Exit at the east exit
  2. Go straight on Yasukuni-Dori
  3. We are located at the basement(B1) of the building of BOOK OFF

■Transportaions from the major spots in Tokyo

From Tokyo station:Tokyo station on Tokyo Metro Marunouchi-line 190JPY to Shinjuku Gyoen station (Exit #1) and walk (About 16 mins with no transfer)

Haneda Airport:Haneda Airport station on Keikyu-line  to Shinagawa station and transfer to Shinagawa station on JR Yamanote-line to Shinjuku station and walk (About 40 mins with a transfer)

Narita Airport station on Express Keisei Hnsen line  to Keisei Hachiman station and tranfer to Toei Shinjuku line to Shinjuku 3chome station(Exit C7) and walk(About 90 min with a transfer)Narita Aairport station on JR Narita express to Shinjuku station(East Exit) and walk(about 80 mins with no transfer)



What kind of guys come and meet in the cruising area?

Depending on the day of the week and time zone, it will differ considerably, mostly,,
Age: Widespread from 20s to 40s
Body type: Muscular, Bear
Hairstyle: Short hair / Buzz cut

When is the peak visiting time?

- Weekday : 6pm to 8pm / 2am to 6am.
〇 Friday : 9pm to 10am
★ Saturday : all day long 【crowds rush hour 1am to 6am】
☆ Sunday : morning to 9pm

Are there many people even in the middle of the night?
After enjoying in Shinjuku, there are a lot of visitors coming to stay overnight.
I have never had any experiences with Japanese so I don’t know what I should do...
Don't worry. Sex is universal. All you have to do is to be yourself.
I am a bit nervous because it is my first time to visit a cruising spot in Japan.
Cruising spots in Japan usually accept only Japanese but we are open to everybody. We offer a place where people from Japan and other Asian countries mix freely.
About Admission fee
Admission fee includes basic service, such as shower, a locker, condoms, gel, towel, Internet PC, Wi-Fi, Cabin, etc. But drinks will be charged (a juice 100yen-) so please prepare some changes.
Is there a sauna facility available?

No. Since our facility is a Japanese-styled crusing space. Our facility does not equip with a sauna, shower rooms only.

What kind of body type is it popular?
Muscle gay with a little fat or Muscular guys are the most popular regardless of age.
About the restrictions for admission

There is a limit on hair length and body type, but there is no entry restriction by age or nationality at all.
-Age limit : 18 to 40s.
Only Muscul Bear who are 30 years old and older
-Persons who are not short hair or buzz cut.
-Persons who are not suitable for our place.
-Persons who are drunk.
-Persons who are not able to show your ID.
-Persons who obviously bother other customers.

Is hairstyle limited in length?
We welcome short-hair and buzz hair guys, but the guys in long-hair can't be accepted.
What is the body type restriction?
Regardless of age, slim guys can't be accepted.
Can those in 40s enter?
We always welcome muscle guys who are training your body below 50’s.
Is there any dress code in the place?
We usually ask you to wear only underwear inside this place. Underwear rental service also available.When we host events, we might put some dress-code depending on circumstances.
Can I wash and clean the anal?
We have installed a hole washing shower in the toilet.
Can I borrow underwear?
Yes. We borrow many kinds of Japanese style underwear KURONEKO(charge ¥200)
Can I go with a suit or uniform on the way back from work or school?
Yes, because shirts are taken off, so any clothing is okay when visiting.
Can bisexual guys enter as well?
No problem if your registered gender is male.
I met a crazy guy or I have seen an abnormal behavior.
We will respond immediately, so please let staff know.
May I chat with friends in there?
You can enjoy the conversation in the lounge space. But refrain from talking in the cruising area because it becomes troublesome to other customers.
How long can I stay by one visit?
You can stay here for 1 day, 24 hours. If you stay for over 24 hours, you have to pay the charge for 1 day addition.
I entered a discount time zone, but how long can I stay?
Can I stay over?
You can stay over because it is open 24 hours. However, it is not suitable for expecting sleep because the number of private rooms is limited to 15 rooms and there are various loudly sounds.
Are there private rooms with locks?
All the private rooms inside are lockable.
Can I reserve a private room?
We do not accept reservations. Please use free vacant cabins.
Can I use credit card, debit card?

We don't accept credit cards , debit card. Cash only.

About the outing(re-erntry)

-With re-entry coupon (100JPY), you can re-enter this place. In that case, The re-entyu Coupon will be expired in 12 hours since it is issued. (You can stay here for 1 day, 24 hours. In 12 hours of them you can go out. If you stay for over 24 hours, you have to pay the charge for 1 day addition.). It is possible to keep you belongings except for valuables.

About Tourist passport (3Day, 5Day, 1 Week)

It is a great valuable passport, which freely enters and exits as many times as long as it is during business hours within the period. You can also leave your baggage in the locker.  When purchasing Tourist passport, please show flight ticket (screen),  bus ticket (screen), bullet train ticket (screen) etc.

About luggage or big bags

We have 4 lockers to fit in a normal suitcase(W40cm × H84cm × D51cm). If you use re-entry coupons or passports, you can use our place as a hub for your trip.
If 4 big lockers are full, you can also keep it at the reception.

Can I charge of mobile phone

Yes. Please use the charging box next to the reception desk. In addition, we are preparing outlets in the lounge room to charge laptop PCs and various electric devices.

About eating and drinking inside

You can bring food and drink. Please eat and drink in the lounge room (bringing in the cruising area is prohibited). If you wish to warm your food, such as boxed lunches, please let staff know.

I am concerned about the language barrier because I don't speak Japanese...

Most of the Japanese understand easy English. You'd better try to use simple words and phrases in English instead of complex ones so that they will figure out what you mean.

About Foreign language service

Only some of our staffs speak English fluently, but all our staff is capable of easy English conversations. Some of our staffs are able to speak other languages than English.
You can check it from the Flag Mark on the staff's name-tag.
When you would like to ask us anything in foreign languages, please contact us in English through our request form.

About media shootings

Please contact us in advance through our request form.


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